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Boiler Fuel Oil

Boiler Fuel Oil is utilised in several kinds of industrial furnaces as well as fixed boiler installations, river and oceangoing ships. This oil is widely used in boilers and furnaces to heat residences and commercial establishments as well as to generate electricity in power plants.

Furnace Oil

Furnace Oil refers to a dark, viscous residual fuel oil that is created by combining middle distillates, a suitable diluent, and residual products. This oil is used as a fuel for bunkering fuel and feedstock. This is very effective and economical to use.

Hotmix LDO

Hotmix LDO is widely used for road construction. This oil is typically widely used for energising hot mix plants as well as nuclear energy plants. It is highly praised for virtue, high start value, higher calorific worth, exact arrangement, and longer time span of use.


Mineral Turpentine Oil

Mineral Turpentine Oil is also utilized for industrial cleaning, including dry cleaning. Brushes, rollers, spray apparatus, and application instruments for oil-based paint, varnish, or polyurethane are all cleaned with turpentine. It is safe to use.

Fuel Oil

Fuel Oil produces steam or hot water for process heating and energy production. By burning fuel inside the engine's combustion chamber to produce steam inside the boiler or to turn the ship's propeller or alternator, the fuel oil releases energy.

Diesel Oil

Diesel Oil refers to medium commercial crude oil extracts. For simpler ignition, it has a lower flash point than heavier Fuel Oil. This is very easy to use and simple to handle. This is greatly used.